Online Bojangles’ Gift Card Balance

In 1977 Bojangles’ first began. They have a menu that is nothing short of distinctive and flavorful. The chicken is made with special seasoning blends and is then served along with buttermilk buscuits that are fresh and hot. They also have many other items on the menu and this has become a restaurant that is loved by so many. Receiving a gift card to Bojangles’ is one of the best gifts that you can get. You will be able to enjoy a great meal or several meals with your card. Here is how you can check the balance that is remaining on your card.

To check your balance easily and quickly online go to:

  2. You will need to enter the number that is on your gift card as well as the access code for the card.
  3. When you are finished you can then click “submit”.
  4. If the request does not go through you should check to make sure that the numbers that you entered match the numbers on your card.
  5. If it does go through then you will be able to easily see the balance of your card.
  6. This process will only take a few minutes or less to complete.

You can also check your balance in the store. This may take a bit longer. Give you card to a cashier and ask them to tell you the balance of your card. This is best if you are already in the store but otherwise checking your balance online will save you a great deal of time and is able to be performed 24/7 from anywhere that has a connection to the internet and a device that will allow the connection. Remember that knowing your card balance before you order can be helpful.