Check your Pizza Hut Gift Card Balance

Pizza Hut is a leading American restaurant chain in United States and worldwide. The company is known for their pizzas and other side dishes. It was founded on late 50’s by two brothers named Dan and Frank Carney. It all began when a friend of theirs suggested opening a pizza parlor and the idea was proven to be a success. They borrow $600 from their mother and they have partnered with a friend named John Bender. During their launching, they gave away pizza for free as part of their marketing strategy. The format of the restaurant was mainly family style dine in but there are also some franchise shops that opt or carry out options.

Pizza Hut is known for its stuff crust pizza where edges are wrapped around with mozzarella cheese. There are other types found on their menu like Thin ‘N Crispy, Dippin’ Strips and The Edge pizza. The company is experimenting on new products regularly and the less successful ones are discontinued.  You don’t want to miss their newest creations.


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The Pizza Hut Gift Card is the best way to pay for your food and it is a good gift to anyone. You can order one online or apply at any branch of Pizza hut.