Managing Your Gift Cards Online

One of the simplest gifts for people who are in a hurry are gift cards. When you just aren’t sure what a friend or a family member wants, as long as you know a place that they enjoy eating or shopping, you can always get them a prepaid card that they can use to purchase whatever is available.

Most online shops and even brick and mortar stores provide the customer with an itemized list of things they purchased, and what the remaining balance is on their store gift card. The leftover amount can be applied on a future purchase, or more can be added to the card to use at a future date. The nice part about gift cards, is that many stores also offer special rewards when you use them. This gives the customer an opportunity to get further deals or store credit. This is a strategy that many gas stations and grocery stores have used. gift-cards What if the gift card you purchased for a friend or loved one isn’t used or is not particularly welcomed. Can the money invested be salvaged? Fortunately there are several companies that have popped online in the last several years which specialize in trading and selling off of gift cards. Then there is always of course eBay where many have found to be the easiest place to get top dollar for their cards. The goal of this site is to list as many companies possible that carry and sell gift cards, so that you can get quick links to where you can easily check your balance, and add more credit if you so choose to do. We do not represent any of the companies in anyway as we are a third party reference site.