Checking Your Chevron/Texaco Gift Card Balance Online

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves to travel then the Chevron/Texaco gift card may be just what you have been looking for. This card can be used for gas purchases and other purchases inside the store. This is even great for friends and family members who don’t love to travel because they can use it for their everyday needs. Understand how you can check the balance is important. To check your Chevron/Texaco gift card balance online use the following options.

Online Balance Check

Checking your balance online is the fastest and easiest method. To do this visit Locate the link “View card Balance Online.”  You then need to enter the 19 digits that you find on your gift card. You also need to enter the letters that you see in the image box. When all is complete you can click “submit” and the balance will be displayed.


Another option that you have is to call 1-800-352-1090. You will be asked to key in your card number. Enter all information that is asked and wait to hear the balance. When you hear it you can disconnect your phone call.

Store Locator

You will want to know where the stores near you are. You can look for these locations online so that you will know where to stop and can check the balance of your card if the store allows you to. You can find a Chevron by visiting and a Texaco by visiting You will be asked about the services that you want the station to have. If you don’t care you can click all of them or none of them if you need something specific make sure you mark it when searching for the locations of the stations.