Check Claire’s Gift Card Balance

Claire’s is a popular store that carries a wide range of product lines in the area of fashion accessories, jewelry, hair, beauty, ear piercing. It is especially popular among fashion-conscious teens who go for nose, belly button and ear piercing. Claire’s gift cards are an excellent gift idea for your favorite niece or nephew, grandkids, or children. You can also give these cards as a present to any of your fashion-forward friends. The cards come in  two forms: E-Gift card and Traditional Gift Card.

The gift cards come amounts ranging from $5 to $200. In case you are looking to give a gift to your fashionable best friend, sister, or mom; then give them the fashion magic wand by presenting Claire’s gift cards and make their day.

Phone Number

  • You can check the balance on your gift card before going on a shopping spree by simply calling on 1-888-CLAIRES. You must keep your card nearby as you will be required to provide the gift card number to the operator.
  • By knowing the exact balance, you can plan ahead, whether to bring extra cash with you or not. You can recharge the card if the balance is low and go ahead and pamper yourself with all the products and services available at Claire’s.


  • You can also check the balance of your gift card online HERE. You just need to go on this page and put in your card number to get the balance.

Store Locator

  • Another option is to check your balance at any of the Claire’s locations near you. To find out where to go, follow the link HERE.

Shopping with gift cards is more convenient and practical, especially if you want to give your children or friends the freedom to buy what they want without going over your budget.