Target Prepaid Card Account Management

Need to check your Visa Target gift card balance, view your account history and more? is the official  Target Visa РMastercard prepaid card site. The cards are issued by the Bancorp Bank or the Target Bank pursuant.  With just a few simple things you can log into and view your account.

The Target Visa Gift Card, Prepaid Card and Mastercard Gift Cards can be used in millions of different locations throughout the United States. These locations include almost anywhere that Debit Mastercard and Visa debit cards are accepted.

How to use your card for purchases.

Present your card to the cashier. You can either sign the reciept run as credit on the keypad. If you can use the card as debit, select the pin option

Knowing your balance is important for making purchases. If your card has insuffecient funds while trying to make a purchase your card will be declined. It is free of charge to check your balance at anytime by checking at or calling the customer service phone number at 1-800-698-4952. Both services are free to use and there is no service fees applied.

You can use 2 forms of payment on a single item. If the item you wish to buy is more expensive than the amount of funds available to you on your prepaid card. Simply let the cashier know that you wish to make 2 different payment types. Typically using the remaining balance on the prepaid Visa or Mastercard followed by the remaining balance using cash, check or other credit card. Not all merchants will accept 2 different types of payments on a single item, so make sure to ask in advance before trying to do so.

To Check your current balance online visit and enter your Card number, the expiration date, the cvv number and click go!