Cheesecake Factory Online Gift Card Balance

What is not to love about the Cheesecake Factory? They have delicious treats that are sure to make you happy. They also have gourmet meals that are sure to please. You will notice that their prices are a little higher but it is because the food is well worth it. They have a selection that is sure to please nearly anyone. Here is how you can check your balance if you have recently received a Cheesecake Factory gift card and want to know how much money remains on it.


1-888-891-2429 is the number to call if you want to check your Cheesecake Factory balance over the telephone. Make sure to listen carefully. As the call progresses you will need to enter your card information. Don’t forget to do this. Eventually you will hear your balance and you are ready to hand up.

Store Locator

To locate a Cheesecake Factory location in your area go to You will need to select a state and then continue to narrow down the search until you find the locations that you are looking for. Many times you will be able to find out how much is left on your card when you check it at a location. If you need to check your balance ask a cashier if they are able to do so.


  1. To view your balance online visit
  2.  Scroll down and enter your card information such as card number and card PIN.
  3. Check to ensure they are correctly entered and then click “check balance”.
  4. The balance will appear.
  5. This method can be used 24/7 and will provide you with the balance information that you are looking for without ever causing you to leave your home as long as you have an internet connection and a device.