Cheeseburger in Paradise Online Gift Card Balance

Cheeseburger in Paradise takes the song to a whole new meaning. This restaurant aims to make sure that their guest have a great and relaxing experience. This is a little escape from reality while you enjoy your fun dining experience. Children will love the atmosphere just as much as adults will and it truly is and escape to paradise. This is a great gift card to give and one that is even better to receive. Here is how you can check the balance.


There is currently not a phone number that is available for Cheeseburger  in Paradise.  You can look to see if there is one on the back of your gift card. If so you and listen to see if you can check your balance.


There is a way for you to check your available balance online.

  1. Visit
  2. Have your card ready because you will need to use it.
  3. Enter your gift card number as well as the PIN for your gift card.
  4. Last you need to enter the characters that you see in the image box.
  5. When you are finished click “lookup”.
  6. Your balance will be displayed when the page loads and you will then be able to exit the browser.

Store Balance Check

You can also check your balance in the store. This may take a bit longer. You will need to locate a local store however if you don’t already know where one is. You can do this by using the internet or a phone book that you have for the area you are looking to find your Cheeseburger in Paradise in. When you get to the location show them your card and tell them you want to know the remaining balance.