Check Your Balance Of Your Athleta Gift Card Online

There are two types of gift cards for Athleta. You can get the gift card that comes in the mail that is a hard copy that can be used at the stores in your local area as well as online. There is also a gift card that comes to the email address that you specify only hours after it is order or when you schedule it to be sent out. It can also be used on the site or in the store. To check your balance you need to do the following.

Website Instructions

  1. Go to,1185151,2&clink=1185151.
  2. When the site loads look to the right side and click where it says “check a giftcard balance”.
  3. A window will pop up on the screen.  You will need to click in the first box and enter your card number which is 16 digits.
  4. Click in the second box and enter the PIN for your card which is 4 digits.
  5. When you have filled out the information you want to check to make sure it is correct. When this has been verified click “check balance”.
  6. You will now be able to see what your Athleta gift card balance is.

Phone Number

You can also check your balance over the phone. To do this call 877-328-4538. Follow the directions and enter your card information when you are prompted. You will then hear what your card balance is.

Checking your balance is simple and fast. Both of these methods will allow you to check the balance of your card in only minutes which is extremely convenient. You will also be able to call or go online to view your balance 24/7 which means you never have to wait.