Check Your American Airline Gift Card Balance Online

American Airline gift cards are a great gift to give to anyone. It will allow them the ability to use the card for their flight travel needs. There are two ways to get the card. One is to get it delivered and the other is to have a virtual card that is sent via email. The important thing if you have received one of these cards recently is understanding how you can check the balance of your card so that you know the amount of money that you have left to apply towards your purchase. You can check your balance quickly and easily using the following methods.

Go to

When the site loads you will need to have your card information in order to go any further. Now you need to click in the first box and enter your gift card number. You also need to enter your pin in the box below that. When the information has been entered you are ready to click “go”. This will bring up a new page that will display your balance.

You are also able to check your balance over the phone. To do this you need to call 800-291-8189. Follow the directions when you make the phone call to enter your card number. There will be a brief wait and then you will hear the balance of your card.

You can use both of these methods to check your balance quickly and easily for you American Airlines gift card. These methods can be used anytime of the day and will even allow you to check your card balance during the holidays. This benefits you because there is never a time that you will have to wait to know the balance on your card.