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Perkins was found in the late fifties and now operating about 400 restaurants in US and Canada. They are also manufacturing pies, pancakes, cookies and other bakery products. Today Perkin’s restaurants are known for their home style meals.  They are open from breakfast till dinner time. For breakfast, you will be offered waffles, sandwiches, pancakes, ham and eggs. The menu for lunch and dinner includes soup, salad, sandwiches and hamburgers. You would love to have their noodle soup and chef salad. Pair it up with Triple Decker or Traditional club.

The must try on their menu is burger and melt. Of course the real deals are the home favorites ranging from pork chops, steaks, chicken strips and turkey with dressing. For the dessert, have a space for apple pie, banana cream pie and more. There are various deserts and flavorful muffins as an alternative. The core team is developing and putting innovation on the menu to ensure that every item is approved by the taste and preference of the loyal customers.


  • Call Phone 1-800-225-5939


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Love the restaurant? Join Myperkins online. You can get a coupons and discounts for your next visit. Avail also of the Perkins giftcard. You can check the balance via the options below. Purchase a gift card for someone by ordering online. Personalized the message on the card and choose the amount from$10 to $100.