Check H&M Gift Card Balance

H&M provide quality, stylish clothes for men and women all over the world. They have brand names at competitive prices. And the clothes look incredible! You can get everything from casual wear to an outfit for a night out and all the accessories in between. The stores are plentiful, and you will definitely be able to find something you will wear, no matter your style.

Phone Number

  •  If you want to use your phone to find out your card balance, simply call the hotline at 800-230-7616. Here, you will enter your information into an automated service and get your balance that way. If you have any further questions, you should be able to talk to a live person who can help you with your concerns.


  •  Checking your gift card balance online is the most convenient way to get the task done. All you need to do is go HERE and enter your card number and pin number.

Store Locator

  •  Of course, you can always find out the total amount left on your card by going into the store and talking to an associate. To find the closest store to you, go to the STORE LOCATOR HERE and enter your city or zip code.
  •  Once you find the nearest store, you can go in and talk to an employee there to find out how much is on your card. And now the best part… you’re already at the store to spend it!

Nothing makes you feel better than a new pair of jeans that makes your butt look good or fresh new clothes for the kids to replace the ones they have mud stains on. New clothes add to self confidence and self-image.  Plus, shopping in itself is just fun, no matter who it’s for. So grab your gift card and head to the store.