Check Gulf Gift Card Balance

Gas always goes up in price, and it’s an expense that typically ends up costing more than you would expect. Getting a Gulf gift card can keep you mobile in those tough times when you’re struggling to pay for gas to get to work before your next paycheck. Or you can use it to get something to munch on while you’re on the road.

Phone Number

  •  The quickest way to check your balance is by calling the number 1-800-649-2920. You will be directed to an automated service. Here, you will type in your card number and put in some other information. After this, the automated machine will read your balance to you. Any issues or concerns can be handled at the same number.


  •  You can find plenty of information HERE. There is not a link to check your card balance at the website, but any questions you have may be answered.

Store Locator

  • In order to find the store closest to you, all you have to do is go to the STORE LOCATOR HERE. In the upper right corner, there is a box labeled STATION LOCATOR. Enter your zip code in the box and press the arrow next to it.
  • Any associate can assist you in finding your gift card balance if you take the card to the store. And while there, you can fill up your tank with the gift card.

Getting from place A to place B can be expensive, especially when you are making several long trips. But even the day to day driving to pick up the kids and stop at the grocery store can really add up. When you have access to a gift card to help cover the costs, that can take care of one more thing you have to worry about throughout the day.