Check Fleming’s Steakhouse Gift Card Balance

Fleming’s Steakhouse is a well known chain of restaurants that specialize in steak dishes. Friends and families will surely love the relaxed but elegant ambiance of the restaurant while enjoying one  of the best quality steak there is in town.

They have the best menu when it comes to serving their steak dishes, and they also have good selection for salads, entrees, appetizers and also desserts. You can also reserve the restaurant for private dining as well, and this is recommended for couples celebrating special days. Fleming’s sell gift cards ranging from $15.00 to $300.00, which are a great way make the best out of your dining experience. You can use the card yourself, or give it to your friends, family and employees.

Phone Number

  • The phone number to call is 1-800-242-5353 if you want to inquire about the details of your gift card. Make sure that you have scratched the code on the back of the card in case that they ask for that specific information as well. Checking your card balance through phone is the most practical option if you want to plan ahead and know how much money the card has before going to the store.


  • There are currently no online services to check the gift card balance, however, you can use other options provided in this article instead.

Store Locator

  • You can also check the balance of the gift card by visiting one of the stores. You can check for the specific details of a location near you by clicking on this LINK.

Fleming’s Steakhouse has a reputation of serving world-class steak, excellent customer service and cozy restaurant ambiance. The gift cards is a convenient way to pay for your order. If you are planning to give the gift cards as a corporate present to employees, go for the bulk order option to enjoy discounts.