Check f.y.e. Gift Card Balance

The store that brings you entertainment for less is f.y.e., also known as For Your Entertainment. They sell movies, music, and games that have been previously owned, saving you the cost of buying new. They also buy your gently used items so that you can continue to bring new entertainment items into your home at a lower price than buying new. The used items are guaranteed to work which takes the risk out of buying second hand, but the amount you’ll pay is lower than retail prices. Gift cards to this store can be used at any of their many locations, or the recipient can shop online and have the items shipped directly to the home.

Phone Number

  • This retailer does not currently offer customer service by phone, but you can reach them through their email service at this page. They will respond to your request for information within 2 business days, and ask that you check your junk mail to make sure that your response does not get placed there.


  • Checking your card balance online is easy when you use this tool. You will need to provide your card account number as well as the PIN located on the card. You can also purchase gift cards online and have them mailed to the recipient. If you shop at their store online, you do not have to use the entire gift card amount during a purchase. You will be asked to supply the dollar amount you wish to be used from the gift card on your purchase price.

Store Locator

  • To find the nearest store to you, just use this easy online tool. You will enter your address and see a listing of nearby stores. You can also hover over the map with the curser and see how many stores are located in each state.

A popular choice in gently used entertainment options, f.y.e. offers a wide selection at low prices.