Chase Gift Card Balance Online

Chase is a well known name but they offer more than just credit cards. Chase also offer gift cards and this is a great benefit because it doesn’t limit the receiver to shopping online in one store. They will instead be able to use their Chase gift card anywhere that will accept it. If you have one of these or know someone who does you may want to know how the balance can be checked. Here are some options and steps to help get you started with checking your balance.

Store Locator

You will be able to use your Chase gift card at a number of stores so you don’t really need to have a store locator for this method. You do need to make sure however that the stores that you choose accept Visa. If so you should be just fine. You will see the balance on the receipt when you check out.


Call 1-866-466-0079 to check your balance over the phone. You need to know your card number as well as the pin that is likely associated with the account. Once you follow the instructions and enter the card information you should then hear the available remaining balance. Hang up the call.

Over The Internet

  1. You can also visit to check your balance online.
  2. You will have to enter the number of your Chase gift card, the last 4 digits of your telephone number, and even a three digit code before you can take the card back.
  3. Entering this information should then bring you to a page where your balance is displayed for you to see.
  4. If not you should call the company and see why you are not able to see the amount remaining when using the website.