Champs Sports Gift Card Balance Online

Champs Sports is a sporting goods store where you can find almost everything that you need for your sporting good needs. They have a wide selection of items that you can choose from and they offer different styles and pricing. Shopping at Champs is fun and is one store that you are sure to find something in that will catch your eye and leave you wanting to make a purchase. If you have a Champs Sports gift card here is are the directions and options that you have when it comes to figuring out what your remaining balance is.

Phone Balance Check

The first method you can use to check your Champs Sports gift card balance is to check it over the phone. Call 800-991-6813 and listen carefully. At some point you will be asked to enter the card number and such from your card. When asked enter it and you should then hear your balance. Once the balance is revealed you are ready to end the phone call.

Locate A Store

Go to and enter the zip code where you are interested in locating a store. You will see a list of stores and how far away they are from the location you are interested in.

Check It Online

  1. Go to to check your balance online.
  2. Now you need to have your card available.
  3. Look on the back of your Champs Sports gift card and enter the number from the card as well as the short card PIN number.
  4. When you are finished and have double checked the information that you entered you are ready to click “Submit”.
  5. Your balance should now appear and you should know the exact amount that is left on your card.