Buca di BEPPO Online Gift Card Balance

Buca di Beppo is a restaurant that is perfect when it comes to large banquets or small parties. They serve Italian food that is authentic. You can even make reservations to make sure that your table is ready for you when you arrive. This is a great restaurant and you may have even received one of the Buca di Beppo gift cards for a gift. If so here is some information about how you can check the balance of your card.

There is a way that you can check the balance of your Buca di Beppo gift card online.

  1. Visit http://www.givex.com/Merchant_pages/3087b/terminal/terminal.html.
  2. You will be prompted to enter the card number of your gift card so make sure you find your card.
  3. Enter this information and make sure it is correct.
  4. Now you can click “submit”.
  5. You should now see the remaining balance of your card.
  6. Once you are finished you can close the window that the balance is in.

You can also check your balance in the store. This will take a bit more time but is helpful if you are already there. Ask them what your balance is and present the card so that they can look into it for you.

The best method for checking the balance of your gift card is to go online. This is due to the fact that checking the balance online is much quicker and will also be available for you to use at all time. This means that you will be able to find out the balance in just a few minutes without ever having to go to the store in order to do so. This can save you some time as well as allow you to check your card even when the business is not open.