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Mid American Bank and Trust Company is a financial institution that is serviced by Continental Finance Company. They offer the same financial services that most other financial institutions offer. In addition to checking accounts, savings accounts, and loans, they also offer a line of credit through their credit card. Mid American Bank and Trust Company offers the Verve credit card, which is powered by MasterCard. It can be use anywhere that MasterCard is accepted, either online or at physical locations.

Advantages of Verve eCUcardInfo Account

With the Verve credit card, cardholders can manage their credit card account online through a service called eCUcardInfo. You will need to sign up for the eCUcardInfo service in order for you to use it.

To register your Verve credit card for online access, first go to Then, go to the section that says, “Register now.” Enter your credit card number and then click “Submit.” Follow the instructions that they give you and enter any other information that they ask. You will need to create a user name and a strong password so that you can log back in at a later time.

After you have registered for your account, you will be able to monitor and manage all of your Verve credit card activity online. On the main page, go to the section that says, “Sign in.” Enter your user name and password. Then click “Submit.”

You can now monitor your transaction history, view statements, check your balance, and look out for fraudulent activity. Other features may include setting up direct deposit, transferring money to and from other accounts, and paying your bills online. With eCUcardInfo, you can perform all of these tasks online from the comfort of your own home 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

If you have a Verve credit card, then it would be a good idea for you to enroll for eCUcardInfo at The ability to manage and monitor your credit card account online is very convenient and will save you a lot of time. Now you can do all of your banking while still in your pajamas.