Gift Card Balance BJ’s Restaurant And Brewhouse Online

BJ’s restaurant and Brewhouse has a lot to offer their customers. They have your favorite foods and have taken a spin on them. Some of the foods available are steaks, pastas, salads, sandwiches, pizzas that are deep dish, and much more. This is what makes giving one of these gift cards so fun and enjoyable for everyone. Checking the balance of your card is helpful because it allows you to know how much is left before you order. This allows you to better understand if the card will cover your whole meal or if you will need to add a little extra money with it to pay.

One of the ways that you can check the balance of your BJ’s Restaurant gift card balance is to call 800-252-5353. When you call you need to listen carefully and follow the directions so that you can get the balance information that you are looking for. At some point you will need the card number from the back of your gift card. Once you have given this number you will then know how much is left on your card and will be able to disconnect the call. This method can be used any time of day or night in order to be able to check your balance.

Store Locator:

  1. To check your balance online quickly and easily you want to go to
  2. Click on “check balance”.
  3. You now need to enter the number of your card, the PIN number, and the characters that you see in the image box. When you are finished click “lookup”. The balance of your card will be displayed. This method can be used 24/7 to quickly check what the remaining balance of your card is.