Check Quizno’s Gift Card Balance

For people who love sandwiches, there is only one place to go and that is Quiznos. This famous restaurant chain is popular among families and friends. It offers the best toasted sandwiches in town. Their menu consists of delicious sandwiches from the classic sub to traditional choices. One of their signature meals include prime ribs sandwich top with mushrooms, peppercorn and cheese and of course the Angus beef in a bun.  There are also chicken sandwiches and toasty favorites. Toasty sandwiches are made from hot soft deli baguette bread and your choice of in between.  Aside from sandwiches, Quiznos’ menu offers salads and wide range of flavorful soups that you can pair up with your sandwich to complete your meal.  Catering is also available if you have party or event.  This chain is open from breakfast to dinner.

There are many perks of acquiring Quiznos gift card. You can easily load any amount from $5 to $100.As a holder of the card, you can avail discounts and coupons that you can use on your next visit. There are ways to check your available balance.


  • Call 1-800-242-5353.


  • Visit  Start by creating an account and then register your gift card.  There are also advantages of registering your account. You can opt for Card Protection. In case of loss or theft, proceed to Protect your Card services and report the incident. They will freeze the funds remaining on the gift card and they will send a replacement.

Store Locator

  • Quiznos has several stores across the country, there could be one in your area. You can check it by going to this site- It is easy to check the balance of the gift card on your next visit.

Aside from traditional plastic cards, you can also purchase a Quiznos gift certificate. Purchase them online and give it to someone special.