Check EB Games Gift Card Balance

EB Games was a popular store that sold console and computer games. They have merged with GameStop, which is the biggest retailer of console games in the US, with stores in every part of the country. Their sales staff is encouraged to play the games they sell, so they are knowledgeable about their products. Their stores have a wide selection of console games and a more limited selection of PC games. They are known for selling used games along with new ones, so you can get a good deal if you’re looking for a game that isn’t brand new. If you’re a PC gamer, they have a digital download service that carries a large selection of PC games.

They also make advance sales of new games at a discount. Their gift cards will work in the store or online, so you can use a GameStop gift card to get pretty much any game you want. You can buy gift cards HERE and choose from the following amounts: $10, $25, $50, $75, $100, or you can place your specific amount in the “Other” box.

Phone Number

To check your gift card balance by phone, the number to call is 1-877-427-3526. Make sure that you have your card number on hand. You also have to scratch off the PIN number at the back before you call so that you have the information ready. Checking the balance by phone will help you plan ahead.


  • To check your gift card balance online, follow THIS LINK. Again, make sure that you scratch off the PIN number on the back.

Store Locator

  • You can check the balance of your gift card right at the store. You can find the nearest location near you at the store locator. Checking your balance in-store will help you decide what to order for you and your family.

GameStop gift cards are perfect for the gamers in your life. Let them pick the game they’ve been waiting for! You can purchase gift cards through the official website and in-store.