Check Benihana Gift Card Balance Online

You don’t just get a meal when you visit Benihana you get an experience. They are devoted to making sure that their customers get only the highest quality of food and that the service that is provided to their customers is the best that it can be. This quality has been instilled in all the restaurants. This is a great gift card to give to friends and family. If you have been on the receiving side of one of these great gift cards then you will need to know how you can check your Benihana gift card balance.

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Currently you are not able to check your balance online for the Benihana gift card but there are two other options that are available. The first option is to call 800-706-4743. When you call you need to make sure to listen to the instructions that are given. At some point during the call you will be asked to provide your gift card information. You will then hear what your Benihana gift card balance is. Once you are hear the balance the call can be disconnected.

The other option that you have is to check your balance in the store. This is a bit more time consuming and can only be done during operating hours. However, you will just need to present your card and they will be able to run it to see just how much is left. This process will take a bit longer than calling the number that is available but is a great option if you are already at the restaurant. When you go to pay make sure you present the card to them again so that the meal can be deducted from your gift card